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Working to restore a rural waterway

Timeline The Early Years The Company Years Restoration


How the ‘Company of the Proprietors of the Sleaford Navigation’ established the Navigation at the end of the 18c.

Operation of the Navigation

How the success of the Navigation led to the prosperity of Sleaford.

Navigation House

The unique 1838 Offices of the Navigation Company.

The Rofe Scheme

A plan to link the Grantham Canal to the Sleaford Navigation.


The decline of the Navigation from the coming of the railway to Sleaford until the mid 20c.

Establishment The Company Navigation House The Rofe Scheme Decline

The Sleaford Navigation made a great difference, not only to the town of Sleaford, but also to the surrounding area.  This section tries to give an appreciation of the rise and fall of the prosperity of the Navigation and its effect on the local area.