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Working to restore a rural waterway

Extreme strimming at Haverholme

No this wasn’t a new type of sport.  We has seen that the Lock Island at Haverholme was getting, to put it mildly, a bit overgrown and decided that this work party was the one to do something about it.  

We met in the car park at Haverholme and loaded the equipment into a wheelbarrow to get to the lock. It was a bit precarious with three strimmers, fuel, safety gear and other essentials but it did make things easier.

The vegetation at the lock was very overgrown, in fact if you look at one of the photos you will just about see some safety helmets poking through the long grass.  Once we started work it really was a case of teamwork with two in a team, one strimming and the other removing the vegetation which otherwise clogged up the work area.  Meanwhile another team was removing the vegetation to put it among the undergrowth to allow it to rot naturally.

Many thanks to all who came and volunteered their time and energy, and got very wet in the process due to a very heavy rain shower.