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Working to restore a rural waterway

November Work Party

For some time it had been noticed that young trees growing out og the lock wall at Cogglesford were starting to damage the brickwork.  It was therefore decided that the November work party would be at Cogglesford lock to remove the tree stumps from the lock wall and also to remove any damaged brickwork.

A scaffolding tower, brought to the site by Dave Carnell, was used in the lock and was a good platform to work from as it could accommodate two people.

Bricks and loose rubble were removed from the lock wall as well as some of the stumps, but it was decided that it would need some heavier machinery at the next work party, in December, to remove the coping stones and to remove the remaining stumps.

It was also noticed that reeds and rubbish were blocking the millrace above the mill.  Some of the work party used grappling hooks to remove some of the blockages which let water flow more freely through the millrace.

An additional task was to remove the weir boards at Tayllors Lock as the Trust only have permission from the Environment Agfency to have them in place from April to the end of October.  Mel Sowerby and Norman Osbourne therefore went Taylors Lock to remove the weir boards and fasten back the lock gates. The lock was tested first to check the gates shut properly which they did without any problems.

It was good to have two new members with us for the work party, Ron and Andrew. Welcome!