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Working to restore a rural waterway

December Work Party

The December work party at Cogglesford was a great success when we got a lot of work done mainly thanks to Rob and his borrowed mini digger which saved a huge amount of work and effort.

The first task was to finish the task that was started in November which was to remove the coping stones on one side of the lock which were rolled back and then to take out some more of the brickwork so that the remaining small trees that were growing in the lock wall could be pulled out.  This task was made much easier with the mini digger pulling at the stumps!

At the moment the lock looks a lot worse than it did before we started work but when the weather improves further work parties will rebuild the wall prior to putting the coping stones back. We need a temperature of about 4oC before we can lay bricks so it really is a case of waiting for the better weather.

The other task that we achieved satisfactorily was to remove the remaining reeds from the mill stream. There is now a good flow of water to Cogglesford Mill, in fact I have it on good authority that the wheel has turned under water power!

Thanks also to Steph for the homemade soup and Pat for the mince pies, they were very welcome on a cold winters day.