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Working to restore a rural waterway

February & March Work Parties

The February work party took place at the site of the new winding hole which is upstream of South Kyme and is about halfway between Halfpenny Hatch and the village.  To purpose of the day was to strim the area to discourage nesting birds and other wildlife.  The environmental survey was due to be carried out in early March and, obviously, the presence of any nests would have stopped any work in the area for some while.

Both the Trust’s strimmers were used plus a number of people brought their own equipment, having this number of strimmers greatly speeded up the work.  At the end of the day a huge area was closely strimmed and cleared of all vegetation.

Thanks again to Steph, who had to tramp a long way down the river bank, for her soup which was very welcome on a cold day.

The focus of the March work party was once again in Sleaford with the purpose being to remove more of the reeds that were blocking the river.

Rob managed to borrow the mini digger which was a huge help in removing the reeds nearer the bank.  The two Daves, at the drop of a hat donned their waders, to remove the clumps of reeds that the digger couldn’t reach.

Andrew and Steve meanwhile strimmed the banks from Cogglesford Mill up to the Swimming Pool bridge.

Once again thanks to Steph’s flying canteen which appeared with soup at lunch time.